Select a base model

Streetliner Pro

Trailer with a GVM of 3000 kg, platform dimensions: 5.6 m x 2.1 m. Lifted hydraulically with the option of transferring to a tug.


Streetliner 600

A three-axle trailer with platform dimensions of 6X2.1m with a GVW of 3000kg or 3500kg with the option of drive-through loading of the vehicle.


Streetliner 850

Trailer with a GVW of 3.5 tons, platform dimensions: 8.5 m x 2.1 m. Enables the transport of two passenger cars.


Step by step

How are individual bodies of DECARAD commercial vehicles created?

We're talking

You contact us. We take care of the rest. During a telephone conversation or during a meeting, we will discuss your needs, in particular the target function of the development. Thanks to this, the vehicle will be maximally adapted to work. You will also see our projects.

We are preparing an offer

Based on your needs and requirements, the Sales Department will prepare and present you an offer. You can use various attractive forms of financing your purchase. If you want to configure your car yourself, you can do it using a special configurator.

We start production

After accepting the offer and signing the contract, we get to work. We prepare an individual body for you on a selected chassis from the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles model range. We adapt the colors and branding to your needs.

We keep you updated on progress

At every stage of the project implementation, you are informed about what is happening with your order. You can contact us at any time.

We are handing over the car to you

You pick up the finished car on the agreed date. Together with the keys, we provide you with all necessary documentation and instructions.

Stay in touch

Our cooperation does not end with the collection of the car. We offer warranty and post-warranty service, motor insurance and other forms of support.

VW Crafter


When time is money and every day counts, and you don't like to wait.

Discover our offer of vehicles available immediately. These are brand new VW cars, equipped with DECARAD bodies.

The models we prepare are available immediately, in various equipment versions and selected color variants.